Dr.K.Michailidis eng. office residing in Athens - Greece has successfully
finished  many study's and installations of variable speed drives, electrical break
generator systems e.t.a. using modern power electronic components such
as conventional thyristor, high speed thyristor  and power transistor components compo-
sing drive systems of analogue and  latest digital controlled technologies.
Recently, wind mill applications were included in  the office activities. Participating in two projects
to study and realize  the electrical - electronic part of a variable speed wind generator system with


and vertical axis   
respectively, of a power of 150 kW each one, Dr.K.Michailidis eng. office  has successfully initiated the entrance in the renewable energies area. (Skyros Island project).
Also a  new project about  a variable speed wind mill of horizontal axis is already running. (OA 450 kW).   

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